Saturday, August 14, 2010

More of an Update!!

Hi Everyone!

Well, I got some more specific news on Maren from my aunt and Emily...

Last week, Maren was hospitalized again with an unknown virus, which they thought could be bone marrow suppression. She had a transfusion while there and is now home doing better. Her chemo, however, has been cut in half and is now being timed differently. This helps with her side effects, but is not as good in keeping the leukemia in remission. So, she is now at a higher risk for relapse. The chemo is also causing liver damage for Maren. Emily and Jeremy hope that that if her liver recovers, she can resume her previous chemo plan.

This week, Maren is feeling much better and happier. Please continue to pray for her body to heal and recover!!



Aunt Sharon said...

Thank you for updating the blog for Emily! Little Maren has been having a tough time of it over the last several months. Yet, we know that God is watching over her along with Elijah, Emily and Jeremy. Thank you for your care, concern and prayers for Emily and her family. I know she is deeply grateful.

TomandBecky said...

Praying for you guys!! You're never far from our thoughts.

Laurie B. said...

Thinking of you all. Checking here for updates all the time. Hope things have gotten better for you recently and Maren is back on schedule. Not a day goes by that I don't pray for you and your family. You guys are in my heart and never far from my thoughts. May God bless Maren with healing!!

Anonymous said...

1/5/2011 - Just checking in to say I was thinking about Maren today. Offering up prayers for the whole family! Hoping you all have a wonderful New Year! Carole Klocko (MOPS friend of Emily)