Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Wingard to do list:

1. Arrange pumpkins. Rearrange pumpkins. Hide pumpkins. Being isolated causes us to find some things much more interesting than they might be otherwise.

2. Find yet another use for the piano bench - arranging chemo supplies.

3. Get chemo treatment at home - complete with a real, live nurse, and our very own IV pole.
4. Make a permanent tribute to the free pass Elijah received from sweet Anika by painting chalkboards on the kitchen wall. Posted by Picasa


Laurie B. said...

Aaah yes, the massive piles of medical supplies. They took over the house when Ryan was little. I still find stuff as I am unpacking here. Good for you for keeping it organized. I got tupperware file drawers for ours, when we had a ton. It helped.

Love the chalk board kitchen wall. That is cool! You are so creative. Your kids are lucky to have you!!

Stolitza Family Fun Times said...

We love reading your blog it makes us feel like we are keeping in touch. Thanks Emily for taking the time each day to write it. You are doing a great job. We pray for you daily. We created a blog to include you in our daily lives as well. Check it out if you ever have time. Maria and i are dipping colored leaves in wax to preserve them. Maybe we will post a picture. Give the kids a hug. We love you guys. Amy

Ms. Mama said...

Just curious about the free pass and Anika and the chalkboards. It isn't making sense to me.

And, wow you had a nurse come, for some reason we did it all ourselves. Now I am wondering why?
Pumpkin hiding.. sounds good to me.

I just kept the supplies in the box that they came in. Now I am feeling as if I didn't organize them well enough. I finally told the home health people to quit sending the supplies we already had. Silly to waste it.

Love the photos! Keep it up.