Friday, October 9, 2009

Progress and hope

Progress is being made. Maren had her port successfully de-accessed by the home nurse this afternoon. That means one less thing to bother her and one less thing to worry about. She seems to be doing very well overall. I noticed some slight peeling on the palms of her hands that I hope will remain minimal. I finally admitted to myself today that we have too much stress in our lives. I don't want to complain, because really we have it much better than most people in the world, but the stress of 2 little ones, Jeremy's residency and accompanying resident's salary(not that I'm not grateful that he has a job, but it sure would be nice to hire a cleaning service once in a while =), and med school/residency is such a long process in general I'm ready to move on), and Maren's illness/isolation/treatment schedule turns out to be quite a bit to handle. I really am trying to make the best of it, because we do have it good, and because I know full well that things don't always get better this side of heaven, but I am grateful tonight for my faith in God and the love we've been shown from the body of Christ, and the eternal hope we have. Nothing else would get me through.


molly june. said...

ah, emily. this post was such a smack in the face for me (a good one). i have so much to be thankful for , yet i bicker & complain nonstop! & here you are saying you really do have it good with all that you're going through! man oh man, do i need to step back & be more thankful! your words have blessed me my friend! praying for you & this crazy journey you're on! that the load would seem lighter this week for you! you're inspiring, that's for sure! xo

Heather Little said...

Praying for you Emily! Please know if there's ever anything we can do, we are only a phone call away!

Amanda said...

Thanks for your terrific updates on life for the Wingards. Thank you for sharing such honest glimpses into your experience. Today's entry especially was a good reminder to shift my focus to what truly matters not the stuff I get caught up in thinking is important. Thank you for that. We enjoyed Elijah's little driveby animal dance show the other day. :-) If you're in the mood for a walk anytime this week, just give us a call we'd love it! Amanda

Dan&Jessica said...

Your family is in our thoughts & in our prayers, Emily!!

Jes (& Dan) H.