Monday, October 5, 2009

Grape Capers

We managed to have an awesome ANC-friendly fall outing yesterday that even included making fresh-squeezed grape juice. I plan to post more of the pictures soon, because it was a very picture worthy event, and I was so excited to have a fall outing when I didn't think it could happen. So hooray for pumpkins and grapes and pie. We're getting ready for an early morning clinic appointment, so I've got to hit the sack. If Maren's ANC is high enough it will be a long day, but we are definitely ready to just help her get through these next few weeks and move into a new normal that hopefully will involve more friends, and trips and fun, and much less worry. Please, please pray that she is able to get through this easily. I know that it's a lot to ask considering the situation, but we know God is able.
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Alison and her boys said...

God is able! I am praying! So many people are with you all in thoughts and prayers! You are all loved!!!

Watkins said...

We're praying for you today. I hope everything goes well!