Thursday, October 15, 2009

Grape Capers - continued

In reverse order, because who doesn't like skipping ahead to the end once in a while?
P.S. - If your names are not Grandma, Grandad, Deda, or Baba you may not entirely appreciate the multitude of pictures of the kids from every angle. But then again, they are pretty cute.


Lynn said...

Love the pictures and I am not even related!! They are adorable. Keep 'em coming!

Amanda said...

Em you have some great photography skills. Loved the one with Elijah peering through the grape leaves and vines. Thanks for taking the time to include the photos for the rest of us to enjoy! Amanda

Pamela Rupp said...

I'm with Lynn... I loved them too and neither am I related... except to the family of God and have been praying for Maren and all of your family. Keep the updates coming!!

Laurie B. said...

Love the pictures! After that post I feel like I am related!!! LOL!! Who wouldn't love looking at your beautiful children?!? They are both just so sweet!

Watkins said...

Well, those pictures certainly bring a wave of homesickness! Elijah is looking so grown up! We're praying Maren keep looking so well! Thanks for the updates.

Dan&Jessica said...

Well, my little second cousins are absolutely adorable & darling. Your family pictures on this blog site have pulled tears from my eyes much more than once, I will admit, although I am not usually prone to that happening. Praying for you all!!

With much love,
Cousin Jes Strappello H.

Connie said...

Rick and I LOVE the pictures. My favorites are the ones of Maren with her big brother! They are so precious. We continue to pray!

Aunt Connie

"And my God will meet all your needs according to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus." Philippians 4:19