Saturday, October 3, 2009

The good, the bad, and the ugly

Maren woke up looking great this morning. She just looks healthy. It's something I never would have noticed without having a sick child, but it sure does warm my heart to see pink cheeks and a smile. She's been playing with Elijah all morning(okay so we're actually bribing him with cookies to play with her but whatever). We have a new drama in the Wingard house today so we're doing whatever it takes to keep them busy. Jeremy's idea to collect and roast chestnuts took us down a very dark path this morning. We were standing in the guest bedroom where we had decided to store the chestnuts (in pillowcases of course because, er, where else would one store food items collected from the ground?), and we were discussing how to gussy up the room with some new paint when we looked down on the floor and saw what looked like little white beans. With my cynical sense of humor I nonchalantly offered that they're probably just larvae. Upon closer inspection we discovered I was right. I guess I've seen Man v. Wild a few too many times. Anyway the nasty little creatures, known as Chestnut Weevils, were all over the room and everything in it. I suggested we burn the room contents a la the Velveteen Rabbit, but J tells me that's not necessary (he's so lucky I trust him after these kinds of stunts =)). We've cleared them all out, but we're still on the lookout for rogue maggots. So, if any of you ever come to stay with us, you have fair warning that you may want to sleep with one eye open.


Alison and her boys said...

hahaha i love you cynicism! crazy! i hope the weevils stay far away!

Carlos and Lisa said...

thanks for keeping us posted on the chestnuts. i knew there would be a sequel :) & i love your ode the the velveteen rabbit...lalalalove that story.

Sara said...

You reminded me that my brother did that, too! Only the larvae came from the acorns he had collected and stored in his bedroom!