Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Delayed Intensification, Day something

We just keep on keepin' on here. Maren looks good - so good that it makes very nervous to even say it. I can tell there are times when she's not feeling her best, and she just wants to be held, but she is a trooper. We get two more visits from the home nurse, and then finish out the 6TG on by Monday night. After that we just wait through the drop in counts and pray that she stays healthy. Thanks for checking up on Maren and for continuing to pray.


Anonymous said...

She is a trooper and she gets it from her parents! You and Jeremy are amazing! Love, mom

Laurie B. said...

Go Maren!!! Go Maren!!!! Lookin' good! Go Maren!!

Praying that the drop is smaller than expected and that good health continues to be what you tell us about.

Miss you!

Alison and her boys said...

day something? i love it! i love you girl!

miss you and our barbie playing days!