Monday, September 7, 2009

Lovin' Labor Day

Everything is still going very well here. I can see the steroids starting to take action - Maren's a little moody, she wants to be held a lot, and she had 4 chicken nuggets for breakfast. Compared to the steroid action during induction, this is a walk in the park. We go back to clinic tomorrow for more Doxorubicin and Vincristine. It shouldn't be a big deal - no LP which means she gets to drink milk and eat breakfast, and she'll be happy about that for sure. We are still enjoying the weekend - we hiked a trail at the community park yesterday, and I think we'll stick around the neighborhood today. I hope you're all having a great weekend too. I'll keep you updated on tomorrow's clinic progress. Love - E

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Aunt Karen and Uncle Russ said...

Thinking about the Wingard family. Our prayers and positive thoughts are with Maren tomorrow - as they are everyday! And those prayers and positive thoughts are for Elijah, Emily and Jeremy too!