Thursday, September 17, 2009

Elijah Blaine

Happy 4th Elijah!
Basically the birthday was pretty much a dinosaur and Crocodile Hunter fest. Good times in the Wingard household.

Sorry I didn't get these up last night. I fell asleep earlier than I planned. Taking a little rest on the bed turned into sleeping in my clothes all night.

The video below is Maren sporting some of her favorite attire - the sparkly sunglasses, the sparkly Giraffe shirt, and her hospital bracelet that she sometimes insists on wearing for a week at a time. She did not want to go to bed on "her birthday." You can see in the video how the steroids make her little tummy stick out. (I don't normally condone midriff shirts on 2-year olds =))
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Becky said...

Love the dinosaur-scape on the cake!!

Watkins said...

Happiest birthday to Elijah. Jonah wants to call him, but it didn't work on the birthday because Jonah was napless and the time zones caught us once again.

I love the pokka-dot PJs.