Thursday, September 10, 2009

Delayed Intensification Day 9/56

Day 9 is really close to being Day 10. I like the sound of that, but I guess I should save my excitement for reaching Day 10 for tomorrow. It just sounds like we're moving along. Maren is doing pretty good. Napping right now. She had some trouble sleeping last night after she "spilled her hiccups" if you get my drift. That was her term for it at 4am. She's so funny even when she's sick. She had a decent morning other than getting whacked in the head by the rock hard eyes on Elijah's Red-Eyed Tree Frog just before nap time. Her bruise on that ought to be a good way for us to figure out if she has a low-platelet count.

She's still hanging on to a thin layer of hair, but the back seems to be falling out at a faster pace than the sides. We might wait another week or so before cutting it ourselves and busting out some Fall hats. I watched a video on youtube about how to knit a basic child's hat, but my self-diagnosed adult-onset ADD prevented me from viewing the entire video, and so even if I understood all that lingo, I would only end up with 2/3 of a hat. That's what online shopping is for! (Jeremy and I disagree on whether self-diagnosing and online shopping are good isolation hobbies. If you have any other suggestions, I am open to them.)

3 hours later. Ok, after some thought I decided I should clarify that I really don't spend inordinate amounts of time self-diagnosing and shopping. I try to keep my house somewhat orderly (although my mom and mother-in-law may tell you otherwise), research leukemia, read, slowly but surely write overdue thank-you notes, watch Monk, and feed the kids. Um, I guess that doesn't sound a whole lot more exciting, so I am still open to suggestions. Sheesh, I just wanted to clear that up, because I had this horrible thought that someone reading this may have taken me seriosly.


Lynn said...

Emily - you are funny :o) May be you should write . . .oh wait, you do :o)

If I come up with any good ideas, I'll let you know. If you come up with anything, you let me know! In the meantime, I believe you have a sister-in-law that is excellent at knitting, perhaps you should hit her up for some hats.

We continue to pray for all of you - your attitude during this is admirable, you are such an example.

Blessings and peace to all of you and here's praying for a night of no hiccup spills


Watkins said...

Yes, there is a hat in my mind and some yarn in my basket with miss maren's name on it. I'd better get on it! And there isn't anything wrong with online shopping now and then - I was just doing a bit myself - books of course! (though I do more looking and wishing than buying)