Thursday, September 3, 2009

Answered Prayers

I know that answers to prayer don't always come in the way we expect or hope, and blessings sometime come in the form of hardship or grow out of hardship, but today God answered our prayers for Maren's well-being with a resounding yes. Y'all must have been praying, because today was awesome. Thank you. Maren was her happy, funny self, and didn't complain of any ailments - not even once. The difference between today and yesterday was like night and day. What a blessing. Elijah and Maren pretty much spent the morning having "adventures" around the house, took a nap, and we even fit in a drive-thru Starbucks run. I wish I had taken picures, but I guess I was too busy enjoying the goodness. Instead I'll treat you to this shot of Miss Maren with her . . .um . . neato(?) Barbie head from the treasure chest.
Tomorrow we go to clinic at 2pm for a chemo shot. She has had this drug before, and it sometimes can cause an allergic reaction similar to a bee sting (closing of airways), and like a bee-sting it usually doesn't happen the first time, but is more likely to occur with subsequent exposure. We do not anticipate any problems, but please keep her in your prayers.
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scheblein said...

I'm posting this to FaceBook so expect LOTS more prayer... Love the Barbie head too...but mostly, I thank God for your good day! Hang in there, and appreciate the moment. Love U all, Heather

Becky said...

Praise the Lord! So thankful for a good day. Love you guys.

Watkins said...

We had a head like that when we were little. I loved it. I think it was Laura's and I used it as a hand-me-down. So as odd as it appears to me now - I am totally behind her choice as I remember thinking it was SO cool as a little girl!