Saturday, September 5, 2009

Adventures in the Woodlands - Take that Day 4

I wish every weekend were a three day weekend. We haven't been on a family outing for so long that I think we were all getting cabin fever. Between Maren's isolation needs and Jeremy's work schedule it's just not been possible. So today we packed up the kiddos and drove to a resort called Nemacolin Woodlands. It had paved trails that were perfect for the stroller, and easy enough for Elijah to walk, and most importantly, I don't think we were within 20 feet of anybody the whole time, except for the occasional person going past. Elijah and Maren absolutely loved it. They seemed so excited to be outside, and to have something to look at other than our neighborhood or the clinic. And seeing lions and buffaloes made their day. By the time we got home, they were more than ready for bed. We'll probably all sleep well tonight.

Starting out.

Scoping out the buffalo.

This is the best we could do for a family picure.

Here's Elijah showing off the new "collections" he started today - an acorn collection, a leaf collection, and a flower collection.
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Anonymous said...

OK Em, here goes. You're all just too cute! We are so happy that you had such a great day together. It warms our hearts more than you know to see you having so much fun!We love you!!!

Lynn said...

Yea for lions and buffaloes! Glad you were able to get out as a family and enjoy some different scenery, as well as each other. Have another good day tomorrow!!

Your family picture is quite cute :o)

Becky said...

Awesome. Looks like a lot of fun. Elijah is looking so grown up to me!