Sunday, August 9, 2009

Speedy Recovery

This is an awesome video showing just how quickly Maren is able to recover; it was taken only an hour or two after we got home.


Becky said...

Love it. Great to see them having so much fun with the water. Wish we could be there.!

Alison and her boys said...

love the laughs!

Laurie B. said...

Love to hear her laughing. It does a heart good! Know that you are enjoying her.

Lynn said...

Love the laughter. There is nothing quite like the laughter of children. Looks like they are having a wonderful time!!

Anonymous said...


Denise and I have been enjoying this blog this evening. Amazing how resiliant little ones are. I would be laying around feeling sorry for myself.

Hope you know you are in our thoughts and prayers daily.

Love, Cousin Chris