Sunday, August 9, 2009

Here I am getting a little restless and checking the clock. Maren always wants to get moving as soon as she can, but she needs to be hooked up to the blood pressure cuff and the oxygen measure, and keep her port accessed until they determine she is well enough to leave.

Maren helps nurse Jackie flush her port with saline before it de-accessed.

Finally - she is free of tubes.

Choosing a toy from the treasure chest. Needless to say she loves this part.
Little Einstein "action figures." A pretty good find.


Alison and her boys said...

crazy stuff for such a little one. i'm glad she is so active these days and i hope it continues! Good thing she has such an amazing mommy and daddy!

Sarah said...

Hi Wingards, I went to Wheaton with Emily Wingard and remember meeting Maren when she was a newborn at your apt in Durham just before you moved. I found your blog through Emily and will join the team of those praying for her!

Sarah Kerr

Lynn said...

I second what Allison said! What a great mommy and daddy (and big brother and grandparents and aunts and uncles. . . ). We continue to pray for Maren, but for all of you as well.

Ms. Mama said...

All of this looks so very familiar. Supposedly childhood cancer is rare, but it feels like there are so many of us.

Thanks for stopping by. I linked to your site. It is amazing how I am getting quite a list of names in my blogroll.