Monday, July 27, 2009

Maren gets vincrsitine through her port.

Her labs revealed that her ANC (absolute neutrophil count) is only 600. Under 1,000 means there is a high risk of infection, and under 500 will mean an automatic inpatient stay if she gets a fever. She needs to have an ANC of 1000 to get her methotrexate during this cycle, so that was a no go. Not to worry, that's pretty standard in this cycle, and it's not something she has to make-up later.

We make her appointment for a lumbar puncture next week, and we punch out of the parking garage at 10:57. Not bad.

Our post-clinic tradition. Always to-go unless she happens to have a particularly high ANC.

One clinic visit closer to the finish line. Posted by Picasa


Lynn said...

Thank you for taking us with you Emily!!

Nicole said...

I remember those days all too well. We also had our little post-treatment treats. Dj was a burger kid, so it was often Burger king! I am glad to see that she is doing well. You are all in our prayers. God Bless!

Alison and her boys said...

I loved experiencing the journey. Helps me to understand more what's going on! love you!

Carlos and Lisa said...

I love the look Maren gives in the last picture. Thanks Em. Loving an thinking of you.