Monday, July 27, 2009

LMX cream.

I apply this numbing cream to Maren's port site in the van when we get to the hospital.

The bib for the ride home - just in case she isn't feeling well. She has only thrown up twice over the past 3 months, so we may not need this too much and that is a very good thing!

The to-go drinks. We would probably both be pretty cranky without them.

About 80 pounds later - the assembled clinic bag. Yay.

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Carlos and Lisa said...

AWESOME vessel for your coffee :)
i hope it makes you think of Sonoma, and us!

praying for maren said...

I love this cup - I always use it, and yes I think of you guys and our awesome trip out there. We always talk about how nice it would be to live there. Love you - em

Anonymous said...

You could check out Bags of Fun, a little girl, whose name I am forgetting started it in CO. Also forgetting, but you get a back pack filled with toys for the clinic. Age appropriate of course.

There is a link on our site!

Love the visuals!