Monday, July 27, 2009

Clinic Chronicles: Interim Maintenance, Day 20

Intro to Clinic:

Assembling the Clinic Bag.

We're usually in and out of clinic in about 2-2.5 hours, but sometimes things can take a little longer, and if she happens to need platelets or red blood cells it could take all day. I restock the clinic bag before every appointment trying to change up the goodies so she won't get bored. Sometimes when I am feeling like a goody-two-shoes I restock it a few days early, but most days I do it the morning of the appointment in a bit of a rush.

She goes through books like crazy, many times because she wants to go on to the next one before we're finished with the current one. Luckily they stock some in the patient rooms, and have a cart of books that is donated by customers of Half Price Books.

Snacks. When the visits get to be 3 - 4 long hours we get a little hungry. The clinic does provide snacks if you ask, and they always give her something on days when she has a procedure (i.e. lumbar puncture or marrow biopsy). There is no eating or drinking in the waiting room because there are always some children who are NPO (no eating or drinking) before their procedures. I am very thankful for this rule on days when she is NPO.

The portable DVD player - this has paid for itself many times over in terms of sheer enjoyment while she was inpatient and especially during ER visits. I take it to clinic now just in case we have an especially long wait in the patient rooms. On procedure days there is a DVD player in the treatment room and a personal DVD player on every chair/bed in the recovery room.

We take these everywhere. And we wipe down everything.

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Nicole said...

We could have owned stock in Lysol when my son DJ was in treatment! We wiped and sprayed EVERYTHING!

Watkins said...

I loved reading these posts and seeing what a clinic visit looks like. Thanks for documenting your day.

Oh, and I love the video - such a sweetheart - makes me cry I miss her so.