Monday, June 15, 2009

Prayer Request for Tuesday

Well, Maren's week went well. Thankfully, she didn't end up in the hospital and has been home with the whole family! She did get a bit feverish from the new medicines she is on, but nothing too serious. She has been enjoying her Strawberry Shortcake dvds and playing with her dolls!

Maren is on a new medicine that Emily and Jeremy have to give her every night for the next three years. She cannot eat or drink two hours before she gets it and an hour after she has it. This has been really hard for all of them. A two year old just doesn't understand not even being able to have water. It's especially hard after she has the medicine and wants something to drink to wash away the yucky taste. So right now, they are dealing with that transition. 

They have been able to administer some of the chemo in her port since the infection has healed up and that has saved a lot of grief!

Tuesday morning, Maren is going in for a lumbar puncture and more chemo. Please pray for her as she endures another painful treatment. 

Thanks so much for all of your love and continued prayers; they are really needed!


Lynn said...

Having a 19 month old myself, I simply can not imagine! Prayer continues for all of you from Tn.

Lynn said...

How is little maren and the wingard clan doing? We continue to think of and pray for all of you! And look forward to hearing the next update - hoping for good news!