Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Maren's Cute Room & Special Thanks

Here is Maren's newly arranged room...

She and her whole family are really enjoying all of the love gifts and special thoughts. Thanks to everyone who has sent them thoughts of love, prayers, and gifts of encouragement! The Wingards also want to send a special thank you to Women of the Cloth at Lambs Fellowship Lake Elsinore (CA) for sending the quilt (on her bed) specially made to show Maren she is being prayed for! Thanks for all the love and support! It is so appreciated and needed!!


Lynn said...

Maren, you are adorable in your lovely pink hat. We are praying lots for you and for your mommy, daddy and big brother!

TomandBecky said...

Jeremy & Emily, this is so tough, but God will bear you up in all things. We're praying! Call us sometime when you come up for air.