Monday, June 8, 2009

Little Maren's Recent Status

This update was just sent from my aunt Sharon, Maren's grandma, who is at Maren's house, helping and playing:

Maren is getting the Vincristine again tomorrow if her blood counts are high enough. They haven't been high enough to get chemo for the last two weeks, so she is now two weeks behind schedule. Originally, the doctors planned for six months of the intensive treatment, but now that she is behind schedule, it is looking like it will be eight months - into November and maybe December. She is no longer needing the insulin because she has been taken off the Decadron (steroid). This is great. No more finger pokes or injections. She may develop the diabetes again, though, when they give her the Dacadron in greater quantities in the September/October timeframe. The wounds on her backside seem to be healing up finally. Although, the Vincristine to be given tomorrow may start that up again. It is highly toxic and as it is excreted it burns the skin. I have to wear gloves to change all of her linens so it does not get on my skin! Em has to wear gloves to change her diapers. She should be given this drug in her Port, but because she had the infection last week, it must be given by IV in her hand tomorrow. If it gets on your skin during administration, it can cause 3rd degree burns. The doctors will have to be very careful when they administer it.
She has been learning to walk all over again. But,one of the side effects of the Vincristine is foot drop. so we hope and pray that it does not effect her that way. She's been doing really well the last several days. She can't stand up on her own, though, from a sitting position. Her legs are weak and she is so much more heavy (having gained weight from the steroids). She is beginning to eat less, too (caused by the Decadron). Tomorrow, she will also begin to get a new chemotherapeutic drug called MP6. It will ge given orally here at home every night. Emily rearranged her room and she is sleeping in her big girl bed. I will try to send a picture.

To all the faithful readers, praying and supporting The Wingard Family, Sharon writes:

We would like to thank God for her increased stamina the last few days, the healing of the wounds on her backside, and the return to normal glucose levels. She has even been playing and smiling! Prayer requests for tomorrow include high blood counts so she can get her chemo, no problems with the administration of the Vincristine, no side effects from it this week. Again, prayer for Emily and Jeremy and little Elijah.

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Laurie B. said...

Continuing to pray for Maren and the entire family. Thank you for the great update. Sweet Maren is in my thoughts and prayers many times daily. Glad that the last few days have been better. Smiles are always good.