Thursday, May 28, 2009

A Few Tidbits

So, I (Alison) honestly haven't heard much lately about what's going on with Maren as they are pretty busy these past few days.

I do know they did not do the special procedure of fine combing the bone marrow for hidden leukemia cells. The doctors spent time talking with Emily and Jeremy and they both feel good about not doing it. The extra chemo could be really hard on her body too.

I did hear this morning that Maren does have another fever. I'm sure if it lasts too long or gets too high, they will have to go back to the hospital. So, please pray for her!

Sharon, Emily's mom and my aunt, is flying out there today to stay for awhile to help out. Please pray for her to have safe travels!

Also...Noah, Emily's brother, and his wife Becky gave birth to a healthy baby girl yesterday afternoon. Once they broke Becky's water, baby made her appearance an hour later!! Her name has not been revealed yet and we are anxious to find it out! So, Maren now has a new baby girl cousin to add to the family! Congrats!!!

Emily is hoping to write a post here soon if things ever slow down for them! For now, please know how much they feel your love and prayers and are so so thankful!!


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