Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sunday with Maren

Maren's Sunday was more mellow than usual as a lot of the docs were not around on the weekend. So, they didn't get a ton of new info on her. Maren has been fussy and tired, but that is to be expected with all she is going through.

She is enjoying her time with mommy!

My aunt did say that her lab results showed her glucose levels are abnormally high, which is associated with chemo in some children. They took her off her IV dextrose and she may have to start insulin at home and Emily will have to give her shots at home. They will find out more about this and her labs this week.

Thanks for the prayers everyone!


Watkins said...

Thanks for putting this together. It is a really great resource for friends who want to be praying for Maren.

Could you give me the info (or whatever I need) to put Maren's 'button' on our blog?

Thanks again.


Lynn said...

This blog is wonderful - thank you for taking the time to keep us all informed.

Jeremy, Emily, Maren and Elijah - you were all on my heart last night and I prayed for a long time before going to sleep. May God fill you all with His peace, which surpasses understanding in such an impossibly hard situation.

Our love to you
Lynn, Paul, Nathan and Annabeth

kSbl said...

I found this blog (which is very adorable) through molly.

I hope that God blesses them through this very tough time in their lives.

I will keep this family in my prayers!