Thursday, May 21, 2009

Please Continue to Pray...

Little Miss Maren is still in the hospital and dealing with a multiple of painful and annoying results from the chemo. Her little body is having a hard time with everything. It seems like if it's not one thing, it's another! She is on morphine for pain, but even the morphine is having side effects. Maren is tired, sick, and in pain. Her tiny body needs God's powerful, healing touch!

Of course, we are all extremely grateful for her bone marrow biopsy results, but her little body is taking a beating from the chemo and blasting of her blood cells. She will have another biopsy on Tuesday to see where she stands again. 

Emily is staying at the hospital with her and is very tired as well. Please pray for God to continue to give her strength and energy as she lovingly supports her little girl night and day. 

Also, please pray for Elijah as he is home again without Maren and mommy. Pray for him to sense God's love and to be comforted away from them. Also, pray for Jeremy as he is still busy with working and traveling from Maren and Emily to Elijah. 

All around, they really still need our prayers and love! 

Thanks for all your continued support, thoughts, love and prayers as well as the gifts being sent to the Wingards. It is all appreciated beyond words!

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