Monday, May 4, 2009

News on Maren

So, Maren's high glucose levels have been confirmed and she will need insulin shots 4 times a day and her finger pricked each time along with the shot. The additional poking and prodding is making her upset too. 

Unfortunately, they will not be able to go home tomorrow as they were hoping. They are doing additional lab work Tuesday, another bone marrow biopsy and lumbar puncture in the morning. Emily is asking for prayer for the sedatives to work so she doesn't feel the pain, since they don't think she had enough when they did this last week. 

Emily also asks for us to pray for the bone marrow biopsy to show less than 5% blast cells (bad cells)...last week's biopsy showed she had 97% blast cells in bone marrow. So, tomorrow's results will better inform us on how chemo is going and how her body is responding.

On a lighter note, the new hospital does have free on-demand movies, but not the best selection for kids. However, Maren decided her new favorite movie is WALL-E and has been watching it constantly!

My aunt is putting together an amazon wish-list for Maren for those of you who want to send her a love gift and something needed for her situation. I will put this up ASAP! 

Thanks so much for all the encouragement, prayers, love, comments, etc...I know it means so much to them to know they aren't alone during this crisis!

Emily sends her love and thanks!


Adria said...

Thanks for stopping by Serenity's blog. I am sorry to hear of Maren's diagnosis. She will be in my prayers!

Lynn said...

We'll be praying for favorable results! And for little Maren to be serenely unaware of the tests that will be performed.