Saturday, May 2, 2009

New Hospital Room for Maren

The Pittsburg Children's Hospital opened a brand new unit/building and Maren gets to be one of the first kids to use it!
Her new room is awesome and they love it! It is really big with wood floors and even a sofa bed for Emily and Jeremy to sleep on! Now they don't have to be on the floor anymore; what a needed blessing for those two! There are also lots of fun toys and a cool playroom for the kids!

Emiy says about the pic, "In the new playroom, sporting her hobbit hair. Maybe today will be bath day :). She can initiate the new tub!"

Maren rode in an ambulance to the new center and she loved the ride! She cried when it was over because she wanted to ride again! How awesome that she is having fun in the midst of all this, oh to be a two year old again!

So far, Maren's body is showing positive responding to the chemo and we are all praying that this continues. She is tired and a bit fussy, but overall doing amazingly well!

Thanks for your continued prayers and love for little Miss Maren!

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TomandBecky said...

Nice setup! Glad to see she's got a T-rex to play with in the pink castle... :)