Friday, May 22, 2009

Miss Maren

Here is a new picture of Maren today in the hospital. She isn't smiling much these days, so Emily was happy to catch a big grin. What a precious and cute smile too!

Her body is really taking a toll from everything. She is really sore and swollen from the steroids and other meds she is taking. According to my aunt, she hasn't actually walked on her own in about two weeks as she is really sore and swollen. The doctors also don't want any diapers on her now as her diaper rash/wound is extremely severe. Jeremy bought Maren her own dvd player to watch movies right in her bed right up close. It made her really happy as she really loves Strawberry Shortcake!

Some possible good news: The doctors think Maren's body may have made its own platelets as their percentage went up today on their own. This would be a great sign for her body, so please pray for her blood to start making more of the good stuff!

They are really busy in the hospital right now and barely have a chance to call anyone, but they really want to express their thanks and gratitude for everyone's prayers and love! 

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Nathan, Sarah, Liam, Deacon said...

Poor baby! She is in our prayers!