Friday, May 1, 2009

Miss Maren Update

So, here are a few updates on Maren from my cousin Emily via text...

After her first chemo on Tues., she woke up Wed. very happy and not sick. She only cried when the housekeeper tried to throw away her new dolly's empty box! Everyone was so relieved that she was feeling good. So far she didn't show any signs of soreness from the chemo either. She slept all night and all the nurses and techs took her vitals without waking her up (they like to poke all night long!)
Wed., after a long day, she fell asleep all curled up in her pink blanky with her bunny while watching Frosty the cute!
This morning Maren woke up tired and fussy, most likely feeling more effects of the chemo. She just wants to go home and needs more sleep. Tomorrow, Maren will receive more chemo treatments.

Here is an update I received from my Aunt Sharon today via email...

"Today she was pretty good. Although, Emily and Jeremy are not getting much sleep on the hard cold floor of the room. Em said that Maren talked a lot during the night, apparently due to the medicine?

She will continue to get the chemo over the next five days and then she will have another bone marrow biopsy. I think that might be on Tuesday. If it looks like the chemo is working, she may go home. The side effects as described to E and J are awful. I am praying that God may spare her of the worst. The most important thing will be to try to keep her away from all germs. She cannot go places and Elijah can't be around a lot of people either. He can't go to preschool any more and they can't go to church. Emily will have to keep the house super clean. I know the whole thing is a bit overwhelming for her. She needs prayer to keep her going. She won't get much sleep."

Please continue to keep Maren and family in your prayers! They need all the love and support they can get! We appreciate it so so much!!

Love you all...

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