Sunday, May 31, 2009

Maren's family weekend & return to hospital

The Wingard family had a fantastic time at home together! Emily's mom is out visiting and helping, and they all had a great time playing, laughing, and enjoying the sunshine! Emily really had fun pulling the kids around in the wagon. It felt so good to be home as a family after all their time in the hospital lately! Circumstances like these really make every moment at home as a family so meaningful and important. The simple times are a treasure!
Elijah loved the family time too! These two are such cuties!
Maren was even spoiled with a new bike just her size and color!!
Unfortunately, Maren was admitted to the hospital again tonight. She has a fever and her blood counts showed very little ANC(neutrophils) to fight infection; her platelets were also very low. Due to this she cannot get her needed chemo and it wasn't given to her last week either because she was so sick. It really isn't a good thing to wait long for chemo treatments. Maren also has some cellulitis near the port in her chest they surgically implanted to inject the chemo treaments. Cellulitis is an infection under the skin usually caused by staph.  

After such a great weekend, it almost started to feel like Maren wasn't sick. Then, they were snapped back into reality today. Emily was sad to end the time at home and head back to the hospital. Sharon is home with Elijah now, while Emily and Jeremy are staying with Maren at the hospital. 

Maren is starting to breathe hard a lot lately due to the weight she put on from the steroids and chemo; this is very hard on her little body. She is still not walking too much either. 

Please-Please-Please Pray for Maren and her family as they struggle in their battle against leukemia!!!

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molly june. said...

those pictures are priceless! maren is such a brave girl's so heartbreaking to see her have to endure all of this pain & heartache already! i keep thinking of the story she'll have to tell when she's older & cancer free..she'll be able to help so many!

still thinking of you everyday wingard family! may God protect you with his peace..& give the doctor's the wisdom they need to fight off this nasty disease!