Friday, May 1, 2009

Maren Update: Please Pray!

So, Maren's bone marrow biopsy confirmed the leukemia and they diagnosed her type as pre B-cell. My cousin, Emily, and her husband Jeremy are now dealing with figuring out all the treatment and what not for their sweet little girl. Emily has told me that it is hard for Maren to sleep in the hospital with everything going on around her. I'm sure being in such a foreign and uninviting place at two years old is not fun or comfortable. So, please pray for Maren to get some sleep so her body can rest and heal properly. She is suppose to start Chemo on Tuesday, so please pray pray pray for this little one and her family as she undergoes this treatment.

Your prayers are very much appreciated and needed!!!

Also, Molly and I are wanting to send Maren a little gift package for the hospital to bring some brightness to the gloom. If anyone has any ideas or would like to be a part of that, please let me know...more info on that to come!


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Lori Frantz said...

Found your story from a link on Caring Bridge. I will keep Maren and your whole family in my prayers. What a beautiful little girl!
Lori from Worthington, PA