Saturday, May 9, 2009

Little Blurb

So, Maren is at home with her family, resting and recovering from an insane week at the hospital.

Emily, along with the rest of the family, was very touched by everyone's thoughts and prayers. It means so much to them!

For now, Maren does not have to go back to the hospital until Tuesday for further tests and chemo. They will do another biopsy as well to test her blast cells. She will be able to remain outpatient as long as she doesn't get sick even a little bit. So, let's pray for Maren to stay as healthy as possible so they can all stay home together!

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TomandBecky said...

Happiest of Mother's Day to you, Emily! You are a beautiful person, inside and out, and your children are so blessed to have you for a Mom. :)

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