Friday, May 1, 2009

Lil' cutie pie Miss Maren-UPDATED

My aunt sent me a pic today from her cell phone of Maren at the Philadelphia Children's Hospital...

Today Maren went into surgery to have some thingy (not good with medical terms sorry!) implanted into her chest so she doesn't have to walk around with an IV all the time and the doctors can just squirt fluids and medicine into this thingy. It will be there permanently for now as she will be having treatments for years to come. So far, I don't know how she is doing after surgery, but here is a pic of her and daddy before.

Maren is a trooper and so is her family! Emily, her mommy, is sleeping on a pad on the floor in her room and by her side at all times. Jeremy, her daddy, is back and forth between the hospital and home to be with their 3 year old son Elijah, who I'm sure is feeling the affects of this as well. Luckily, Emily's mom, my aunt Sharon, was out visiting when this all went down and she has been staying at the house to help with Elijah. However, my aunt actually went to their house to recover from a surgery she just had and isn't fully mobile for Elijah. So, Jeremy's mom is due at the house tomorrow to stay with Elijah and take care of him while Maren starts chemo with mommy and daddy by her side. My aunt is going back home to Seattle to recover from her surgery and then I'm sure she will be back to take another shift helping out!

Maren's prognosis is hopeful, thankfully, but chemo is going to be a rough road for this little one. She is only two and it can really take a toll on her body. Please pray for her and I will try to keep you updated on her status! Thanks so much!

Thanks Molly for the button...LOVE IT! If anyone wants a "Praying for Maren" button to add to your blog to spread the word asking for prayer...please let me or Molly know...Thanks for the love!

Evening Update: Just got word on Maren's status...She got her first dose of chemo tonight and was given morphene for the bone pain it causes. They also took more bone marrow to do further tests on the cancer. She was also given Zophran for nauseau...they are all POOPED! Please pray for her tonight! We'll see how she does!
Ephesians 3:20-21 is a wonderful verse for this situation!

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