Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Crazy Day for Lil' Maren

So Maren had an eventful day today while receiving her platelets and a blood transfusion. She really needs your prayers!!

During the blood transfusion, she had some bad reactions to the blood. Her Blood Pressure climbed very high to 160/100, so they had to stop the transfusion to give her some medicine for her heart and Lasix to fix the large amount of fluid in her body. She also broke out in a rash as a reaction to the blood. Luckily, they worked out all the kinks and were able to finish the transfusion after taking care of these crazy problems. We thank God that she is ok after this horrible reaction!

They also found her glucose level rose to 510; a normal rate is below 100. They have now diagnosed her with diabetes as a result of the chemo and are not sure if the diabetes will go away eventually or not. Emily learned to give Maren her insulin shots for the first time tonight and also had to do the finger pricks. It took her about 3 times to get the finger prick right and she really does not enjoy doing this!

Tomorrow Maren receives her blood marrow biopsy results. If she has no blast cells (the bad ones), then she can go home. Everyone is praying, praying, praying for good results! Please pray for The Wingard family tonight and tomorrow as they are very anxious and hopeful! Her results will give them an idea of how her body reacts to chemo and if she is a good responder or not. This is usually how they predict future results and outcomes. 

On another note, Elijah is having a rough time with this as well. As this all happened out of nowhere and Elijah is too little to understand, he feels left behind and forgotten. Jeremy came home after a few days at the hospital with Emily and Maren, and Elijah just cried and cried. He really misses his family and doesn't know why he is the only one home (with grandma of course!)! 

There are plenty of reasons to pray for The Wingards, so please, please pray! They had a rough week and a pretty crazy day! 

Again, they want to express their thanks and appreciation for everyone's comments, love, and prayers. It means so much to them!!

*****By the way...I just posted a link on the top right hand side to Maren & family's Amazon wish list. A lot of people want to help and send love gifts, so here are some things they could really use being confined at home and traveling a lot back and forth from hospital. My aunt has also said they can always use gift cards to food places they can easily drive through or pick up from as they can't dine in anywhere anymore for health reasons. My aunt and Emily want to make it clear, they aren't trying to just get stuff, because of the situation. But, people want to send gifts and are asking what they need, so this is why they put this together.  The hats and sunglasses are to protect her from sunlight and the dvds are to help the kids at home since they are going to be stuck there almost all the time and Maren just can't do much! The kids also love stickers and Maren can always use cute socks with grips for the hospital :)! If you have any questions or ideas or want an address to send things to, you can email me, alison, at alibravenec@yahoo.com

Thanks Again!


molly june. said...

this just breaks my heart! i can't even imagine a lil' 2 year old having to face so much at such a young age! i'll be praying for no blast cells so she can go home! and that wishlist thing is awesome!!

TomandBecky said...

Thanks for the wishlist idea! Em and Jer--we are praying for you and constantly thinking of you. Hope to be able to help you out in some way since we're near by...anything at all, really. REALLY. You know you want to ask....

Lynn said...

Thank you, again, for keeping us so well informed.

We continue to hold you up to the Father in prayer, all of you. We'll definitely be praying for favorable results from the biopsy.

Like Becky said, if there is anything we can do, even though we are in Nashville, PLEASE let us know.

May God fill you with his peace today.