Friday, May 15, 2009

An Answer!!

The News is in...

Maren has 0% leukemic blast cells! She is now considered in remission and is seen as an early responder to chemo!!!!!



Everyone is so so thankful for this news! The Wingards plan to celebrate tonight as is everyone else right now! Maren may have diabetes right now, but that girl needs a cupcake!!!!

We love you Wingard Family and are praising God with you!!!!

What now:  Maren still has to continue chemo for about the next three years as the cancer cells do try to come back. This news shows us that the chemo is doing its job and Maren's body is responding properly. She will also have another biopsy in two weeks to see where her body is at again. Early responders, which Maren has been labeled now, have a better prognosis and future outcome than late responders. The continued chemo for the next couple years is to prevent the cancer from returning! Being an early responder also means that Maren has a smaller chance of relapse in the future! This is the best possible news to get at this stage in the game! 

She is out of the woods, but still needs our prayers and encouragement as chemo is a hard thing to deal with, especially for such a little one! Thanks to everyone!!


Lynn said...

Hooray!!!!! What fabulous news! A few cupcakes are, indeed, in order. We'll join in for the celebration from afar.
We are just thrilled with this news and will continue to be thinking of and praying for all of you.
Thanks again for this website, we look forward to more updates.

TomandBecky said...

Doing a major happy dance!! ;)

molly june. said...

YIPEEEEE!!!! such AWESOME AWESOME news!! praise God!!! :) i'm gonna have a cupcake in maren's honor! hehee! xoxo

Carlos and Lisa said...

she is one tough cookie, uhh...I mean, cupcake!!! have a cupcake for me Maren :)
We love you all!
Cousin Lisa, Carlos, Jaxon and even Poncho & Peccas

Joy-N-Jesus said...


Sonya said...

wow! i am sooo happy for maren and her family. a little sigh of relief right now. i do not personally know the family (only know friends of the family)----but have been following maren's site and praying for her the minute i heard of her story. what a cutie and a strong, strong little girl!!

Anonymous said...

Your friends at ACMH (Grandpa's work) have been praying for you and are so thrilled to hear of the good news. We will continue to pray for dear Maren.